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Walmart Curbside Pick-Up

I hate to say it, but grocery shopping is the bane of my existence. It's a necessary evil, because obviously we need food in the house, but I absolutely hate having to go to the store.

I think part of my hate is due to how crowded the stores near us always seem to be. Initially, we were going to a nearby Smith's because they have a great deli and decent prices. However, our particular location seems small, the parking lot is a mess and it is always jam packed full of people, no matter what time we went. I would always try to avoid the shopping or put it off as long as possible because it annoyed me so much. 

Hello Mint SIM!

Teri and I recently had a very disappointing experience with T-Mobile. We both were 10+ year customers with grandfathered plans that were well below September 2017 new customer prices. Our problems began when we attempted to consolidate our separate phone plans to a 2-line family plan. I was told by customer service that it would be 20 dollars per month more than my Grandfathered rate of $65/month, so about $85/mo total, to add Teri to my existing plan. No problem, right?