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An Evening With Cake - 02/17/18

Last weekend, John and I were able to go to The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan to see his favorite band, Cake. We originally purchased tickets for his birthday and the show was scheduled for October. It was postponed after the 1 October shooting, so we were happy the day had finally come!

It was an interesting experience, to say the least...

Date Night - Echo & Rig

John and I had our anniversary not too long ago, and we wanted to go out to a nice (but not too expensive) dinner together to celebrate. I have a never ending list of restaurants of all kinds that I want to try or go back to, and I left it up to him to choose where we went. He made a great choice and we had dinner at Echo and Rig in Summerlin at Tivoli Village.

Date Night - Carbone

We've been really good at choosing restaurants lately, because one again we had an absolutely amazing experience at Carbone! I am not one to just go to the Strip and am just as happy at local hidden gems, but I am certainly glad we decided to eat at Carbone. This was our first date night after baby was born and my Mom was nice enough to babysit so we could enjoy a few hours out of the house. We were also celebrating my birthday and I was excited to be able to enjoy a glass or 2 of wine with dinner. We both love Italian food and were excited to try out this restaurant. We made our reservations via OpenTable and notated that we were celebrating 3 special occasions - Rosslyn's birth, our recent nuptials, and my birthday. I guess we like to cram all of our celebrations into 1 dinner!

Date Night - Marché Bacchus

John and I had an absolutely PHENOMENAL experience at Marche Bacchus. I am not sure if it was the company, the atmosphere, the food or the service, but it was simply wonderful.

I had wanted to try this place for quite awhile, but hadn't been able to make it in. It was my turn to plan date night and I figured this would be the perfect place to take John, as we both enjoy good food and wine. It ended up being more than I imagined and we both had a fabulous time.