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Walmart Curbside Pick-Up

I hate to say it, but grocery shopping is the bane of my existence. It's a necessary evil, because obviously we need food in the house, but I absolutely hate having to go to the store.

I think part of my hate is due to how crowded the stores near us always seem to be. Initially, we were going to a nearby Smith's because they have a great deli and decent prices. However, our particular location seems small, the parking lot is a mess and it is always jam packed full of people, no matter what time we went. I would always try to avoid the shopping or put it off as long as possible because it annoyed me so much. 

Thanksgiving Meal "Easy Button"

Happy Holidays everyone! We genuinely hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving shared with family, friends, and yummy food. We had an amazing day - my Mom and Dad, also known affectionately as Grammy and Grampy, came over for the 2nd year in a row. 

Instacart Grocery Delivery

If you've had a child or have been stuck at home for any reason, you may understand that sometimes you need help. There have been times where we are missing ingredients for dinner and I am unable to run to the store because baby is sleeping or whatever. We regularly use Prime Now, but there are a lot of things you just can't get with them. Enter Instacart, which is a fairly new grocery delivery program/app.